Why You Should Hire a Live Band Over a DJ

A tough decision can be picking the music for your wedding. There are many benefits to both a DJ or a live band, but it depends on what suits you better and what your guests might prefer. We want to make it easier for you to make a decision on the entertainment for your special day.

Hiring a Live Band

Live bands for weddings can be a great energizer for the wedding party. Everyone enjoys live music, and when you’re at a wedding, it gets the crowd dancing quickly. There’s something about live instruments, and the human touch that can get a wedding party going.

Another great thing about live wedding bands is that they’re doing weddings all the time, so they have the experience, the musical abilities, and an enormous catalog of different types of music ranging from classic rock to modern pop. They also provide the guests something to watch, even if they aren’t comfortable getting up on the dancefloor.

Wedding bands can be more expensive than DJ’s and the set-up and space requires much more than just a DJ, but you’ll feel it’s worth the money. Instead of having someone stand behind a PA system picking songs from their music player and clicking a button, you’re having actual entertainment for your guests.

Action Tents

At Action Tents, we can supply you with a stage for your wedding to make everything easier for the live music that you book. You can make the process simple and easy, so you don’t have to worry about where the band will be positioned.

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