When Having A School Reunion, Use A Tent

School reunions are a great time to get back together with all of your old friends from high school and see how everyone is doing. It’s a chance to catch up on old memories and to show everyone what a success you’ve become!

Now, often when a group organizes their high school reunion they like to have it back at that high school, but we have a much better suggestion for you: hold it in a tent!

Yes, a tent is the way to go for a school reunion because it allows it to be anywhere you want, not just in the gym of your high school. You can make this event in the tent as formal or casual as you like going from tables with assigned chairs and a wait staff to having a bar and buffet under the tent.

There are many sizes of tents so if you have a small class you can get a small tent and vice versa for a big class. In addition to eating and casual conversation you can also make room for a band and a dance floor as well as room for many more activities inside your tent. Best part is rain or sun you’ll be having your reunion!

You can go to the school anytime you want but the point of the reunion is to share another memory with your classmates, and a tent from Action Tents will make sure it is a memory you don’t soon forget. Tents are perfect for moments that need to be remembered, like weddings, family reunions, corporate outings and many others so you know they’re perfect to create new memories with old friends. To rent a tent for your next event, contact us today!