What Your Wedding Florist Desperately Wants You to Know

Your flowers can be a touchy topic while planning your wedding. Whether it’s the fact that you’re unsuccessful at replicating your favorite Pinterest board bouquet, or you can’t fathom paying that much of your budget on flowers, the frustrations are endless.

To make the task a little less daunting, here are a few things that your wedding florist would like you to know before deciding on your final floral design!

Flowers are seasonal and are unable to magically appear

If you do have an exact breed of flower in mind for your wedding day, there could be a chance that it’s not in season, which means your flower bill just went way up. Stay flexible with the breed and before your mind is set, browse the flowers that will be in season around your wedding day.

Ideas and inspiration are welcomed and encouraged, but not replicated

Wedding Flower Tips for Outdoor WeddingsYour florist wants to hear all about the dream wedding you’ve envisioned for you and your partner so that they can make that dream a reality of course! However, do not expect an exact replica of that Pinterest find we mentioned earlier. A new interpretation of the flowers you love might be just what your wedding needs, and it will then successfully be unique to you.

Outdoor weddings are killer

We mean that both as killer celebrations and killer on your vulnerable wedding flowers. It’s essential that you keep this in mind when planning your layout and floral design for your big day. Consider giving your flowers, and your guests, a break from the sun with a wedding tent rental. It will keep your precious and elegant flowers out of the hot sun and keep them thriving all night long!

Trust your florist; flowers are their job

Every florist you are considering hiring for your big day live and breathe flowers. Trust them to make the perfect color and breed combinations that will successfully add beauty to your overall design.

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