What You Need to Display Your Art at a Festival

Let’s say you have an amazing art collection you’d like to display at an art festival or any kind of event. You have contacted the people in charge and reserved a spot, but you don’t have a tent or other items to help display. This is where Action Tents comes in!

canopy tent for art show display

Folding Canopy

Renting a folding canopy from us is the perfect tent to display your art in. This 10-foot by 10-foot canopy will give you enough space to display your incredible work and give you shade under the sun.  Especially in the heat, you’ll want to be covered if you’re spending all day displaying and selling art.

Table Rental

You’ll need a table or two to set up your pieces of art, photographs, and other items like business cards and email signups. We offer an 8-foot and a 6-foot rectangle table for you to choose from depending on how much space you need.  We also offer round tables in case you would rather have people be able to walk under the canopy.

Other Items

We also offer chair rentals, frame tents, lights, and sidewalls and drapes if you’re looking to get a little bit fancier with your display area. Always check with the host of the event or festival before contacting us, so we know how much room you’re working with.  We will be able to help you find what you’ll need to make your art appear fantastic under a tent.  People attending festivals enjoy walking under a tent out of the sun to look at artists’ work. A frame tent rental might be the best choice to keep customers intrigued by your art.

Action Tents

At Action Tents, we have the supplies to help you display your art at an event or festival.  Depending on your need, we can assist in giving you the right tables, tents, chairs, and other supplies to bring the right customers to your table.  Contact Action Tents at 931-359-0024 today!