What to Know About Renting a Wedding Tent

Imagine saying, “I do” against a stunning backdrop lined with mountain ranges and fluffy white clouds. Or, picture yourself holding your partner close during your first dance while a gorgeous pink and purple sunset puts on a show behind you.

Outdoor weddings certainly have their natural perks, which draw many couples to search for venues to accommodate their sunny ceremonies.

However, the weather does not always play nice, which is why engaged couples should consider renting a wedding tent.

Not sure how to get started? Here’s what you need to know!

Outdoor Wedding TentFirst, do you need a wedding tent?

Whether or not you need a wedding tent depends on your wedding venue and location.

Perfect as a weather backup, wedding tents are a saving grace when summer storms roll in unexpectedly. Couples getting married outdoors should consider a wedding tent to keep guests comfortable and protected from the elements.

Though great as a weather backup, wedding tents also add a sophisticated element to your big day, decorated to match your wedding palette.

Before renting a tent, though, check with your venue to learn their policy on wedding tents!

Choose your style of wedding tent

Once you have decided to rent a wedding tent, you need to determine your preferred style of tent. The most popular types of wedding tents are pole tents and frame tents.

Frame tents

Frame tents do not contain a center pole and offer endless shaping and decorating possibilities. These tents work well on uneven surfaces and can be installed on asphalt or concrete.

Pole tents

Pole tents are aesthetically pleasing and have high ceilings that allow for decorative lighting. These tents are staked into the ground and have small peaks in the center with a downward sloping look.

Select the size of your tent

You want a wedding tent that fits all your guests comfortably; something too large causes a distorting effect and something too small will have people spilling out the sides.

Know the size of your guest list before renting your tent and figure out what types of activities you plan to host to determine the best size tent for your event. For example, you can probably get away with a smaller tent if you are simply hosting a plated meal but if you want to add a DJ, a dance floor, and a photo booth, you’ll be needing more tent to cover everything.

Add your extras

Now that you know which wedding tent to rent, it is time to add in your extras. If you are getting married during cooler weather, consider adding a heater. For warmer events, choose misting fans to keep guests cool.

Add floors, sidewalls, or even a stage to your tent and remember to rent tables and chairs with appropriate wedding linens.

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