What Size Tent is Right for Your Next Event

Do you have an event this summer that may need the helpful shade from a tent? There are several things to consider in order to make sure you choose the right one. Read on for some factors to address before calling in your rental!

What are you covering?

All tents are tethered to the ground differently according to the surface you’re covering, such as grass, concrete, asphalt or a wood deck. Keep this in mind when tent shopping so that you can tether it properly.

Enclosed or not?

Outdoor Tent at an EventDecide if you want the tent to have walls that can roll down to combat the elements or if you want the sides completely open, letting the fresh air make its way through. Some factors you may want to consider are the temperature outside and the possibility of rain. If there’s a chance it could be cold outside, a tent with walls will help hold in the heat and will also prevent rain from blowing in on your party.

What will your layout be?

Consider what you will be covering with a tent such as a band stage, dance floors, bars, etc. If the tent is for a wedding, chances are there will be a plethora of activities taking place under the tent. Consider what type of tables you want as well. Choosing smaller, round tables will help you maximize your space and you can either go with a smaller tent to reflect the table size, or spread out over the surface area provided by a large tent.

How many guests will be in attendance?

If you need more concrete figures, then we have a great way to calculate the size of tent based on your guest count! If you’re utilizing round tables, you’ll need 100 square feet per eight guests. So take your number of guests that will be attending, divide that number by eight, and you will calculate the number of tables you need. Multiply that by 100 square feet, and you will find out the total square footage you need in your tent rental! If your guests will be sitting at banquet tables, then you’ll need to calculate 80 square feet per eight guests.

If you need help choosing the right tent for your next event, the tent experts at Action Tents are ready to help. We will make sure that all of your event details are taken into consideration when deciding on a tent. Call us today at 931-359-0024 or email us through our contact page!