Decorating Ideas for Wedding Tents: Clear Topped Tent

While so many couples book a banquet or reception hall, a tent for your wedding provides a different atmosphere. Whether you are having a small, intimate wedding, or a large wedding; a tent offers a plethora of options. In terms of choosing a tent style, at Action Tents we have plenty of options to satisfy all brides and grooms.

For the purpose of this post, we are going to pretend you have chosen our clear-topped tent. With this tent, the decorating opportunities are endless. If you are interested in a theme wedding think, “Starry Night”, “To the Stars”, and “The Sky’s the Limit”. Or simply choose a color theme; try whites and blues for a wedding on the beach, black and white is always classic, emerald is the color of the year, and would be a great accent to our gorgeous while tent.

Whichever theme or color scheme you choose, in order to use the tent to its full advantage, additional décor can make all the difference, including additional lighting, fabric draping for a dramatic look and feel, flowers, centerpieces, and tables and chairs.

Although lighting such as strung lights or lanterns could certainly add a romantic element, don’t overdo it. Make sure the lighting you choose accents the tent and doesn’t take away from any element of your wedding, but rather adds to the ambiance of the day. Same goes for the flowers and centerpieces.

As far as draping fabric, if you are going for an open sky feel, use the fabric for the side of the tent instead of draping it from the tent ceiling. This will accent the tent, without taking away from the open sky feel, which if you have chosen the open topped tent, it would be counter intuitive to cover up the ceiling anyways!

For more tips on decorating our other styled tents, check back soon!