Wedding Reception – Cocktail Party Hour

The biggest moment of your life has just been concluded, you have finished your wedding ceremony, said your “I do’s” and kissed your significant other.

And now it is time to celebrate that ceremony and marital union by eating and drinking in preparation for more eating, drinking and dancing later on.

The cocktail party hour is truly a wonderful time.

However as is often the case you don’t hold your cocktail party hour in the same space where you’re going to be holding dinner and dancing and cake afterwards, so where can you hold your cocktail party?

Regardless of what the weather is like the best place to do party is outside and under a tent.

A tent will provide you a lovely area to hold your cocktail hour until the reserved area for dinner is ready.

Here is a list of ways to make sure your cocktail party is the best it can be under the tent:

  • Serve many diverse delicious foods
  • Have comfortable seating
  • Have an open bar
  • Have both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks
  • Have some lovely music in the background
  • Decorate your tent to make the cocktail hour specific to your wedding
  • Have a theme
  • Have fun!

These are some of the ways in which you can make sure your cocktail party is the perfect appetizer to the fun times later on in the wedding.

Action Tents wants to make sure that your special wedding day is just that and by renting a tent, tables and chairs from Action Tents you will truly have a cocktail party hour, and wedding day to remember.