Wedding Etiquette that is Still Relevant

Tips on Attending a WeddingIt is no secret that proper wedding etiquette does exist, but it can be difficult to determine what is currently relevant. Although certain wedding guidelines do change with time, there are certain etiquette practices that are still a must.

If you were recently invited to a wedding, make sure you’re aware of what etiquette is still relevant today and act accordingly.

Please Send the RSVP
The bride and groom will understand if you can’t attend the wedding, however, you should send back the RSVP in order to tell them so. On the flip side, if you are “certain” that the couple knows you are attending the wedding, you should still send the RSVP back to them.  Couples heavily rely on those tiny little cards in order to get a “total count” for catering, seating, and so much more.

Dress Appropriately
When you’re attending a wedding, keep in mind that you are witnessing the biggest day of someone’s life and you should be dressed as a reflection of that. Most weddings are relatively formal occasions, and if they aren’t, it will usually indicate that on the invitation. When in doubt, dress up. If it is an outdoor tent wedding, dress for the weather but remember to remain appropriate.

Respect the Plus One
Creating a “wedding guest list” is a tedious task and one of the hardest things to do when wedding planning. You should feel grateful to receive an invitation but you shouldn’t expect to receive a “plus one.” If the wedding is small, the bride and groom might not offer a plus one option for everyone attending. You should only bring a guest if your invitation indicates that it’s acceptable to do so.

Don’t Skip the Ceremony
Many people love a fabulous wedding reception, the happy couple included. A reception gives you endless opportunities to party, celebrate, and socialize. However, witnessing the bride and groom say “I do” is so important. The ceremony itself is when two people make a lifetime commitment to love one another, you should not miss it.

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