Watch Your Children’s Spring Little League Games Under A Large Tent

With spring in the air and baseball season about to start that means that little league baseball is soon to get underway.

And if you’re a parent, relative or friend of anyone who plays baseball in early spring you know that it can get a little chilly with some unexpected weather.

Hats and coats can only work so much but you still have to towel off the aluminum bleacher you’re sitting on which is still going to be cold and wet and will make you uncomfortable no matter how many layers you put on.

But of course, you have to show up because it is important to your kid that you cheer them on (but don’t punch other parents) while they play.

So how can you solve this issue of being cold, wet and windswept while still enjoying a little league game? The answer is simple, rent a tent and put it overhead.

That’s right, getting a tent, chairs and tables will prevent any and all wet bleachers, will cut down on the cold and will even save you from some errant foul balls. You can even set up a concession inside to help with the teams and budgets.

A tent is perfect for any size of bleacher or crowd and will allow you to also take pictures of your child without the fear of the conditions ruining your phone, giving them lasting memories for years to come.

Action Tents is dedicated to helping your family live their everyday lives with as much ease as possible.

Letting parents stay warm while watching games is important on so many levels and will keep everyone happy in the end, win or lose. Contact us at (931) 359-0024 today!