Want Your Kids To Have A Night Of Fun? Sleepover Tent It Is

As a kid, nothing is cooler than having a sleepover with your best friends. Staying up late, playing games, telling stories, eating pizza and watching movies and all of the fun parts about being a kid!

Imagine taking all of that fun and moving it outside in the nice cool fall air for an outdoor sleepover!

That’s right; you get all of the fun of the regular sleepover, except you get to spend the night outside in a tent. Not much is better for a kid than enjoying the weather and the company of good friends!

If it is only a couple of kids then a 20ft x 20ft frame tent is right for you. Because it is smaller, it allows you to be able to spend time under it protected from the potential bad weather. Also, the 20 x 20 frame tent lets you see out into the night air.

If there is a larger group of kids there for the sleepover then the 20ft x 30ft frame tent will do you good. With poles as the base, you can hang up guards around the tent to protect against a windier night.

The best part about being a kid is being a kid and having the opportunity to have as much fun as possible. Action Tents provides the perfect tent for a night out in the backyard because you can rent the tent you need depending on your situation!

Action Tents will make sure that with their expertise and well-made products that all of your sleepovers, big and small, will go off without a hitch. Contact us to rent your tent today!