Visit Santa In A Tent

Christmas is just days away! So now is your chance to get your picture taken with Santa before the season ends.

There is nothing quite as timeless as the day you get to sit down with Santa – or see your kids sit with Santa – and get your picture taken, tell him how you’ve been good in the last year and ask for a gift.

The problem with Santa pictures, however, is that they’re usually in malls or stores where there are tons of people doing last minute Christmas shopping.

It’s stuffy, crowded, and full of people pushing and shoving and that’s not fun, that’s not what the Christmas spirit is all about.

But if you don’t have it in a big space like that where can you have a Santa with a long line? Outside of course!

Yes, it’s cold (but isn’t that in the Christmas spirit anyway?) but there is a way to solve that problem as well… Have your Santa in a tent!

Yes, doing this will allow a long line of people to gather and wait to see Santa while getting the enjoyment of it being away from the mall and outdoors in a winter wonderland.

You can have it heated of course, with Christmas music, snow (real or fake), decorate all of the trees outside, add lots of lights, and even a station for some egg nog and Christmas cookies.

Let Action Tents create the perfect Christmas Santa family event. With their wide array of tents along with tables and chairs, they have everything you need.

Christmas will never be the same once Action Tents gets a hold of it.