Tips to Improve Your Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising opportunities are endless, but there are some ways to improve your efforts and events to increase contributor support and engagement with your cause!

Find and share your story

Figure out your connection to the cause you’re supporting before you get too far into your fundraising efforts. Knowing why you want to advocate for a certain charity or organization gives you the motivation and conviction you need to amp up your energies.

Determine your connection and from there share your story as openly and honestly as you can with all possible contributors to your cause, using mail, email, and other platforms to spread the word.

Take advantage of social media

Happy Volunteers at an Outdoor Funraising Event In TNSpeaking of spreading the word, easily grow your campaign and inform hundreds or thousands of others about your fundraiser by cashing in on social media channels! Social media continues to grow and attract numerous audiences, creating new pools of people that could care about your cause nearly as much as you.

Set up contests to engage people to follow your fundraiser and keep followers informed of your fundraising progress and remind them of your planned events. Promote events from years past and write blogs that share your story. Use plenty of pictures and videos to increase post engagement!

Give events personality

Get personal with your fundraising events and create programs that highlight your personality while offering something fun for participants.

Use your strengths to invent some fun ways to raise money, like performing a charity play, playing a benefit concert, or holding a bake sale. Consider letting people register in teams to encourage those with competitive spirits. Offer prizes for hitting goals, and set up matching periods to encourage higher levels of giving.

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