Tips for Planning Your First Family Reunion

If you’ve been elected to organize your family’s first-ever reunion, then you have an insurmountable amount of pressure riding on you. This is no easy feat, and that’s why you’re going to need some help in the process.

Below are a few of our suggestions for planning a successful family reunion.

Ask for Help When NeededTips for Planning Your First Family Reunion

There’s no feasible way one person is going to orchestrate the party entertainment, food, and travel arrangements for upwards of 50-100 family members. It’s okay to recruit volunteers to help you plan this memorable soiree. You can even create planning committees devoted to each activity. Keep a virtual calendar for each committee and check in with them periodically throughout your planning stages.

Scout Deals for your Family

If you have a lot of people traveling from out of town, it is wise to book hotel accommodations in advance. Professional party planners suggest booking out at least 6-9 months in advance of the reunion. There are some hotels that offer group rates, and will actually bid on your event. Use this to your advantage; it will save you a lot of money and ease your frustrations.

Hire a Photographer

This fine detail often escapes party planners; many people often assume that, at an event, there’s bound to be someone present who has a camera, whether it be iPhone, professional DSLR, or other, but there’s no real way of telling. Hiring a professional event photographer will ensure that you have quality photographs taken in a timely manner, so you won’t have to wait until your Aunt Susie uploads her album to Facebook so you can tag yourself in them, and that’s to say she ever does.

Another overlooked detail? A tent rental. Be prepared for unexpected weather on the day of your reunion by renting with Action Tents today!