Tips for Entertaining Guests at Your Reception

Serial wedding attendees will tell you that a wedding reception is only as good as its entertainment factor. Others might say that the quality of the food and the size of the open bar leave a lasting impression. Still, nothing beats the memories created by a bustling dance floor.

Entertaining your guests is without question an important part of your wedding ceremony, which is why Action Tents has put together a few suggestions that will have them partying the night away.

Dance Lessons Tips for Entertaining Guests at Your Reception

The bride and groom might take a few dance lessons before the big day—why not include your guests as well? Ask your dance teacher if they’ll make an appearance at your wedding reception, and have everyone who’s interested learn the salsa or the samba. The bride and groom can even judge, and choose a winner based on the best performance! Winner gets to choose the last song that the DJ plays, or take home an extra party favor.

Wedding Games

If your family isn’t big on dancing, play some wedding games with them instead. Huffington Post suggests setting up Wedding Wheel of Fortune! The wheel faces can say things like “newlyweds kiss” or “toast from the tallest groomsman.” Be creative with your fortunes, and include your guests, too: “smooch your date” is a fun fortune that everyone can participate in! Encourage your guests to spin the wheel during the reception, and make sure everyone participates!

Who doesn’t love a piñata? String one up in the tent, and give the kids a whack at it: you can stuff  it with party favors, or M&Ms with your new initials on them. Then, have one for the adults to take a swing!

Party games like quarters or flip cup can be a great way to hang out with your guests. If the bride and groom met in college, flip cup is particularly appropriate! Playing this game in your tent will protect the wedding hall’s floors, and everyone will have a good time. The younger guests can play with juice or ginger ale!

Live Band

Great music can make the night special, so hire a live band to play your reception; make sure they know all your favorites, and can play them well. Let your guests make requests throughout the night, and encourage the band to interact with your guests!

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