Tips For Choosing a Caterer

Having the right caterer for your event (wedding, corporate retreat, etc) is a big deal. It sets the tone for the entire event! The wrong caterer can put a damper on the day, as many guests will expect a memorable meal. That’s why you should take certain steps toward finding the right caterer for you!

The Early Bird Gets The Caterer!

Like many industry vendors, caterers can get booked for the most popular dates well in advance. That means you need to start searching as soon as you have your date set. The caterer you dream about could be snatched up by someone else if you fail to get organized early one.

Dinner for… 500?

You need to determine the actual size of your party. A rounded figure will mean trouble if unexpected guests arrive, or people who canceled end up coming anyway. Sending out Save the Date cards help, but you really need to have RSVPs turned back in so that you have an accurate head count. That way the caterer can plan accordingly and you can work with a budget.

Ew! I’m Not Eating That

You may have heard amazing things about a certain caterer, but the truth is that if the food they are known for isn’t to your liking, you probably should not order it. Advice from friends is great, but if they advise you to pick something you hate, you’ll only be miserable if it isn’t a popular dish at your event.

How Much Did You Say?

Get a quote in writing! Verbal agreements are only as valuable as the paper they are written on, which is to say, not at all. If you are promised a special discount, or some alternate cost consideration, get it written down and signed before the event commences.

And of course, make sure you have a tent to protect the food if your event is outdoors!

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