Tips for a Polar Plunge Event

There are certainly some crazy people out there willing to do just about anything, although when it’s for charity at least they’re crazy for a reason! Getting into your bathing suit in the middle of winter and jumping into a freezing body of water may have you shivering in your warm homes and offices but it offers a sense of adventure and raises lots of money for different organizations so who am I to argue?

Of course there are some serious medical conditions that could occur if you do not warm up immediately following your plunge. This is why getting an enclosed frame tent from Action Tents will help keep the participants nice and warm following their time in the water. Inside the tent it will be important to have clean dry clothes, warm blankets, hot chocolate and medical personnel to ensure you’re shiver free and warm.

Stay Warm Under The TentsTips for a Polar Plunge Event

Aside from the warming factors inside the tent it will also be important to have some music or a live performer, as well as some food. Having volunteers or members of their family create delicious treats is another good way to entice people to spend their time freezing for a good cause.

Action Tents will also be able to supply the chairs and tables for the different stations inside the tent. Having a tent is a great way to make sure this fun day in the cold ends the right way. Going with Action Tents is always the right call because they won’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to your tent needs. For more information, contact Action Tents today!


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