Throwing a Big Video Game Tournament

We’re starting to see it more and more nowadays; professional soccer, basketball, and hockey players sitting down together with each or with fans and playing video games of their specific sport. Snoop Dogg and Drake are major FIFA fans and can be seen playing often with friends and fans alike.

So why not get together with your friends to determine who is the best at your favorite game?

It combines all the excitement of a professional sporting tournament with the thrill of having it all in your hands. From Mario vs. Luigi in Super Smash Brothers to Messi vs. Ronaldo in FIFA it all comes down to your skill!

Video Game Party PreparationThrowing a Big Video Game Tournament

When your opponents arrive they can come dressed in their favorite team gear or as their favorite game character. You can have food and refreshments and activities to do while you wait for your turn to play.

The nice part about holding a tournament like this is you can have it just about anywhere with an electrical outlet. All you need is a gaming system, a TV, tables, chairs, players, and most importantly a tent to hold everything together!

Luckily for the person throwing the party Action Tents is there with all of your table, chairs, and tent needs!

Depending on the size of your party you’ll pick a tent accordingly and the professionals at Action Tents will get you everyone you need! From there you just prepare to have a good time and hopefully beat everyone en route to becoming the best player at the event! Get your tent, contact us today!


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