Three Outdoor Fundraising Ideas for Fall

As temperatures begin to descend into cooler climates, you’re probably preparing yourself for a long list of indoor to-dos, but we still have a few months to enjoy some of the residual warmth sailing into fall. Is your school organization, church, or sports team gearing up for another year of fundraisers? If so, why not savor this comfortable weather by hosting your organization’s fundraising event outdoors?

Here are a few outdoor fall fundraising ideas you can run with.

Old-Fashioned Basket Raffle Three Outdoor Fundraising Ideas for Fall

This fundraising event is perfect for those budding creatives who like putting together themed gifts. You may want to rent some tables to spread out the baskets, and have a few volunteers man the tables for you.

We’ve all attending a basket raffle at some point in our lives, and experience tells us that the more inviting the atmosphere, the more likely we are to take a longer gander at the goodies being auctioned off. An outdoor event places your guests in a scenic environment, and even while they’re just munching on snacks and chatting among themselves, they’ll have a pretty view to look at.

Cake Walk

Cake walks sound pretty old school, but they are still pretty popular in schools and among charity organizations. This is a great way for friends to showcase their baking skills! See if you can gather at least twenty participants for this. Write down the numbers on sheets of paper and place them in a bowl. When selling your tickets, makes sure you gather the correct number, which should match the numbers you’ve taped in the ground.

Open Mic Night

The saying is you are the company you keep, and if you’re a creative free spirit, then you probably have a lot of super talented friends! Grab your musician friends, singers, poets, and dancers around for this artistic fundraising idea. Find out if you can borrow some amps, speakers, and a microphone from a musician friend or local bar or music store; charge an entry fee, set up seating, use a sandwich board to display the order of acts, and don’t forget to break a leg!

When hosting an outdoor event with a large number of people in attendance, it’s crucial to protect them from the elements. Make your guests comfortable by renting a tent for your fall fundraiser today at Action Tents Inc!