Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Dance Floor

Wedding receptions often include music and dancing, and when you’ve got several dozen people who want to showcase their skills or mosey around with loved ones, it becomes essential to have a quality dance floor. For those who are planning a wedding in Tennessee, Action Tents rents out both marble and wooden style dance floors for weddings and other special occasions.

One thing to keep in mind is your dance floor will need to go on a very flat surface; it’s made up of small marble or wood style tiles that fit together.

Marble floors look more modern and elegant than wooden floors, but serious dancers prefer actual wooden dance floors because they flex more, are easier on the feet and knees, and easier to slide on when making swivel moves.

Since the wedding reception is only a couple hours, you can basically choose between marble and wooden dance floors based on the look and feel of the room it’ll be in—if you’re having the dance in a hotel banquet room, marble is nice; if you’re having it in a country barn, wood makes sense. You’ll want to choose a look that goes with your color scheme and such.

Many people wonder how big their event dance floor should be for their event. Action Tents recommends about 10 square feet per dancing couple. So, if you have 20 couples on the dance floor at most, rent a dance floor that totals 200 square feet. Action Tents charges based on square footage.

A good rule of thumb is this: at any given time, about one third of your guests will potentially be on the dance floor. So, if you have 60 guests, about 20 will be dancing; if you have 150, about 50 will. You can plan the size of your dance floor to rent from Action Tents based on this rule.