The Top Outdoor Wedding Trends of 2019

As the weather in Nashville switches from cold and frosty to warm and sunny, outdoor weddings instantly become the norm. With so many places to choose from in the beautiful state of Tennessee, outdoor weddings are the perfect choice for newlyweds.

Ready to throw the trendiest, classiest outdoor wedding this year?

2019 Outdoor Wedding Trends

Stay classy with your color palette

Outdoor wedding arch and decorationsStyle and sophistication meet simple, natural design with a white and green color scheme reminiscent of the great outdoors.

This particular wedding color palette is easy to incorporate throughout the details of your big day.

Couples can choose this scheme to add a classic touch to their wedding decorations and the pure white and forest green work together to pull off a subtle yet bold vibe.

Skip tradition with unique floral elements

2019 outdoor weddings include trendy additions of non-traditional floral elements.

Expect to see grasses and special features like wheat strewn in among the usual wedding flora, adding in some depth and presence to the outdoor wedding scene. Wedding flowers also hit new heights this year, seen hanging from the ceiling and walls of wedding tents and wrapping around archways.

Get involved with the guest experience

Smart and fashionable outdoor weddings now focus on the guest experience, taking it to a new level with fun and immersive activities and setups.

Watch for a change in the traditional seating chart, bigger and bolder food displays, and immersive components like selfie stations. The traditional ceremony setup also gives way to long, winding aisle ways and chairs set up in the round.

Brighten your day with a drop of neon

Think bright, classy, standout neon signs constructed in fancy cursive and glowing in gorgeous white. Neon adds a new element to 2019 outdoor weddings, swapping the expected wooden signs and decorations for something a little more vibrant.

Neon looks great against outdoor elements like brick or barn doors and will stand out against the walls of your wedding tent!

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