The Tall Task of Selecting a Wedding Menu

Weddings are a great time to get together with people and feast on food and quality beverages. How do you decide what to serve, though? It mostly comes down to your budget. If you can afford a lavish spread, go for it. If hot dogs and soda pop is the best you can do, so be it, though that spread may not fit the dream wedding that most brides shoot for.

With weddings, it’s a smart idea to offer a variety of foods because these days everyone is quite particular about what they will or won’t eat. Have a vegetarian offering, as well as a gluten-free dish or two. At the opposite end of the spectrum, have something loaded with sugar and/or salt, because you know some of your guests will go straight to those items.

Buffet-style wedding meals often work better than having plates served to the tables of one or two entrees. Think about it: does everyone really want to choose between chicken and vegetables or fish and vegetables, or would they rather be able to go to “stations” and pick their selections?

Some couples choose to have “stations” where wedding reception guests could go up and pick out what they wanted. One station could have a carver a meat dish, such as serving beef and turkey slices. The other could be a “make your own” spread, such as you a taco station where guests could choose soft or hard shells, different meat or veggie fillings, and toppings like salsa or hot sauce. Another station could involve a chef frying up elaborate egg omelets; it could be a self-serve mashed potato area, full of amenities such as cheese, bacon bits, green onions, sour cream and other goodies.

For beverages, many choose to go the open bar route, allowing people to choose from a variety of alcohol and soft drinks for free. However, if your budget does not allow for it, you can still offer a nice selection at the bar for drinkers to choose from, while still providing free water, soft drinks and coffee, which won’t cost nearly as much as beer and liquors.

Weddings are great times for people to try foods and drinks they don’t normally have the time, money or occasion enjoy, so do you best to offer some unique and memorable offerings. And if you have an outdoor reception, Action Tents can supply the tent(s) and other key supplies to make the party awesome!

Posted by: Action Tents