The Night Before The Wedding – Rehearsal Dinner

It’s the day before the big day, all of the family is in town for your wedding and you can hardly wait to get the festivities underway.

Of course, as is tradition it is always best to start with a rehearsal dinner to make sure that you treat your guests to a lovely dinner the night before and to make sure everything is set to go on the wedding day.

The only problem is where do you have your rehearsal dinner?

There are many nice options out there but out of all of them, it can be very hard to choose. And maybe you’re on a little bit of a budget as well which might keep you from deciding to hold the dinner at some place too expensive.

What can you do to hold the perfect rehearsal dinner?

The answer is to go under a tent! That’s right, taking your dinner under a tent can be a fun, different, and less expensive way to treat your guests to a wonderful night before.

By bringing in food and drinks and setting up a buffet style meal, it allows guests the chance to mingle with each other and to place the dinner wherever you’d like.

Meaning you’re not restricted to the location of the restaurant, the location is wherever you can put a tent.

Action Tents specializes in making sure your wedding experience is the best it can be whether it is the day before or the day of.

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