The Essentials for Your Fall Wedding

If you love the fall, you would be remiss to leave the season out of your wedding plans.

From the comfortable temperatures and crisp blue skies to the intermittent breezes and star-filled nights, fall is a great season to consider for your wedding.

Here are a few essentials to add into your autumn wedding celebration.

Embrace the natural elements

Rustic Fall WeddingNothing radiates romance more than an outdoor wedding ceremony held against a stunning backdrop of tall trees with falling golden leaves. Outdoor weddings make decorating a cinch; simply take to nature for inspiration.

Natural foliage and Mother Nature work together to plan your fall décor, while you incorporate other natural elements such as wooden benches or hay bales for guests to sit on.

Imagine the beauty of your wedding photos, with your wedding party surrounded by the natural, magical elements of fall combined with your love on full display. Let nature help you take your fall wedding to the next level by hosting an outdoor ceremony.

Consider guest comfort

The fall season means chillier temperatures and possible weather events like light rain, so keep these elements in mind when planning for guests at your outdoor ceremony. Put guest comfort at the forefront of your mind by offering blankets or throws as a favor to wedding-goers.

Present each guest with a pair of light mittens or offer hot chocolate or hot apple cider to sip at the reception. Serve warm comfort foods that keep guests cozy and relaxed. Think about some fun ways to keep guests warm while you tie the knot; your guests will love the gesture!

Play with fall colors

What would a fall wedding be without the traditional autumn color palette we all love and adore? Move beyond the traditional deep reds and bright oranges and try some bold colors on for size, including vibrant boysenberry, stunning silver, pineapple yellow, pale peach, deep brown, and hunter green.

These autumn beauties prove show-stopping when used as the main color in your wedding décor, and add the perfect fall feeling to your big day. Think accents, invitations, flowers, and linens decked out in the finest seasonal tones. Use nature as your backdrop and decorate with leafy garland and beautiful lights.

Put it all under a wedding tent

One element outdoor weddings must have for success is a decorative tent to bring everything together. Have an outdoor wedding in the comfort and coziness of a tent, or conduct an outdoor ceremony followed by an in-tent reception.

Add heaters to your tent to keep guests warm on the dance floor, and decorate the tent to fit into your wedding theme. Tents provide a safety net from the fickle fall weather, allowing you to enjoy the fall colors and crisp breeze under a bit of coverage.

So even if the weather is chilly, you can utilize a frame or pole tent to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors but have the advantages of an indoor venue as well!

If you are holding your outdoor wedding in Nashville, look no further than Action Tents for your tent and party rental needs! Give us a call at 931-359-0024 today to learn more.