Tent Size Checklist

When you are hosting a large party and want to keep them bathed in comfort beneath a suitable tent, there are obvious things to note when choosing the size. Some are more obvious than others, but here is a standardized list to assist you in picking out the correct size tent. That way your guests won’t be stuck outside and you won’t be embarrassed from not having ordered large enough accommodation!

  • How many guests are attending? (This should be the first thing you finalize!)
  • How many tables will you need, and what type will they be? (Include the buffet tables)
  • What events will take place in the tent?
  • Will people mingle inside, or is the social/cocktail hour meant for outside?
  • Where will the DJ be set up?
  • Where will the wait staff prepare food?
  • Do you have enough space to set up the tent? (This should be a top priority!)

Ensuring that you have all of these things accounted for will enable your guests to have a memorable evening. The last thing you want is for your guests to touch elbows as they meander through the party. The extra space will make everyone more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than putting in all that effort, planning, and investment only for your party to end on a sour note. Plan ahead, check off these above items, and make sure your guests have a great time!

Posted by: Action Tents