Tent Rentals for Back to School Events

The new school year is fast approaching and this time always brings joy and jitters to new and returning students as well as faculty. One of the most important components to a successful school year is to create a “community” atmosphere where everyone works together to reach the school’s goals for achievement.

One way to establish this kind of camaraderie is to host a school-wide event. Back to school picnics, meetings, award ceremonies and such are great events to bring students, parents and staff members together. These kinds of events can be hosted indoor in a school gymnasium or cafeteria, but for a more unique event why not host it outdoors?

To avoid any weather mishaps or other unexpected problems, the safest route for shelter is a tent. With a tent you can still enjoy the outdoors, yet have comfort and convenience if Mother Nature decides to open the flood gates.

Our frame tents are a great solution for outdoor school events because they can be put up anywhere. Without the need for a center pole, you can even set up on uneven surfaces. A frame tent is supported by outside structures, offering a very safe space for your school families. With ample space, your options for decorating are endless as well.

School events usually come with important announcements for both students and parents. Both a frame tent and pole tent provide plenty of space for guests to gather in order to hear the news being announced.

At Action Tents, not only do we provide frame and pole tents, we can even supply you with tables and chairs. If you plan on hosting a large number of guests, we recommend using banquet tables for more seating. For seating, you can choose the simple brown chair or a more elegant white one. Our company will deliver and set up whatever you need on the day of the event well before it begins.

For your next back to school event, be sure to give Action Tents a call today.

Posted by: Action Tents