Table Options and Ideas for Weddings and Events

Once you have the tent picked out for your event, whether you choose a framed or pole tent you are going to have to choose the tables and chairs to go along with it. Traditionally for weddings and formal events, people choose round tables that seat between 6 and 14 people, but there are other options to choose from.

When it comes to table options, you need to think about the kind of atmosphere that you want to create. If you want an inviting atmosphere where your guests enjoy dinner and dessert at the table, round tables work best.This tends to be a traditional option for most brides and is relatively easy to arrange around the dance floor and head table.

A unique, and possibly a forgotten option is the use of bistro tables. If you are planning on having a cocktail reception, for a wedding or other event, the bistro tables are a great selection; your guests have a place to set their drink and hors d’œuvre.

Another option is banquet tables. The long tables can give a more sophisticated feel, or being inviting, if you are interested in providing a family-style meal. Long tables may be more difficult to arrange, but with the right decorations and accessories, they make a statement for any event.

Table selection can be a difficult decision for any event, although there really is no wrong decision to make. Selecting a table style for your event comes down to the number of people attending, how you want the room (tent) to look, and what kind of atmosphere you want to create. This may seem like a small detail, but isn’t it the small details that make the event?