Summer Tent Party in January

Bars tend to hold theme nights from time to time, all things green on St. Patty’s day, ugly sweater parties, wearing red white and blue on July 4th. Now what about a summer themed party in the winter? Sounds great right? Giving everyone a night in which they can feel warm even in the middle of winter. How would they be able to pull this off without squeezing everyone inside their bar or having everyone freeze in summer related clothes outside?

The answer is simple: a tent! A lot of bars have outside areas where there is a patio, a space for games, an outdoors bar, a giant TV, etc… which gives them ample room to throw such a party. However, not all bars with an outside area have a tent to properly cover the space meaning that inclement weather during the summer, or just the winter in general leaves it useless.

This is where the tent comes in handy, by covering the area in a tent, whether it’s an enclosed pole tent or a standard frame tent it will provide the cover you need for such an event. Of course the bar will have to provide heaters, but then again this whole party is about bringing the heat anyway!Summer Tent Party in January

Once that is all setup at your bar then you can really break out the summer fun. Cornhole, pong and Kan Jam are all fun summer games that can be played in a somewhat tight space. Having the bartender whip up summer drinks would add to the fun as well. Coronas and summer themed mixed drinks along with a warm weather dress code (t-shirts and shorts) would make it certainly feel like summer for a few hours. Of course make sure to have an extra large coat check because in that weather people will be dressing extra warm over their summer clothes.

Make sure everyone is responsible and has a designated driver. This is the most important part of ensuring everyone has fun long after that party is over.

With all of that in mind you are ready to throw one heck of a summer party under the cover of a tent! When using Action Tents it is never a bad time to break out their terrific tents and products in order to have fun. Rain or shine, cold or warm, Action Tents’ products stand the test of time and allow you to enjoy your fun.


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