Set Up A Tent To Have Your Wine Tasting Event

Going to vineyards and tasting/drinking wine is a favorite of many people.

For the most part, however, these vineyards are partly outdoors and being outside always lends itself to a much better view than being inside.

It is getting a little colder outside though as we get deeper into fall.

So how can folks still enjoy their wine tasting without suffering in the cold?

The answer, of course, is finding the right tent for your wine tasting event.

Renting a tent will assure a winery or vineyards tasting and outdoors season lasts longer and allows patrons to enjoy a tasty glass of wine the year round.

You might be asking how a tent with its sides open can keep people warm during the winter.

Again the answer is renting the right tent.

Yes, an enclosed tent that will assure you outside views while still being in a warmer tent.

Starting from a 30ft x 40ft frame tent and going up having one of these is a great way to spend your time.

Another option would be to get any number of smaller frame or pole tents with separate booths for different wines and to put heaters inside of those tents.

The positive of this option, as opposed to the other, is that you have a non-restricted view of everything that is surrounding you.

Of course, if the wind is picking up it would be best to go with the first option because of the fact that you have very expensive products that also happen to be encased with glass and the last thing anyone wants is having glass fall on the ground and possibly break.

Yes, Action Tents will make sure that your day out on the vineyard will not be interrupted by the wind or pesky weather.

It will just be wine and perfect tent weather. Contact us to get your wine tasting event tent today!