Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony by Renting

Tennessee has the perfect weather for outdoor weddings because of the state’s mild climate year-round. If you’ve decided to hold your wedding outdoors, you’re probably ready to move forward in planning the event, including what to buy. There are a few essentials that you do not need to buy, however.

Renting these key items will save you money on your wedding ceremony so that you can spend it on other important aspects of your special day.


Wedding tents give you a varSave Money on Your Wedding Ceremony by Rentingiety of decorating options, and, one of the more obvious benefits is that they will shield your guests from the elements. Tents also come with side paneling so your guests will be shielded from wind, rain, and intense sun rays. A tent rental allows you the flexibility of space and location, too, because you are able to set your own perimeters, if you are choosing to hold your ceremony on acreage of land or in a backyard setting. Regardless of location, though, a tent rental allows you to breeze past making venue arrangements, which is a daunting and oftentimes expensive endeavor.

Tables and Chairs

Whether your guest list is large or ever-expanding, you’re going to need ample seating for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Don’t forget about the reception and cocktail hour, where people are going to need to rest their feet after spending hours out on the dance floor. If you’re going to have a live band, the musicians will need a place to keep their instruments and equipment, so renting enough tables is crucial.

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