Renting a Tent for Your Garage Sale

 Renting a Tent for Your Garage SaleSummer is certainly garage sale season, and part of having a successful garage sale is having a garage sale that is well planned.

Part of planning for a garage sale is making sure you prepare for whatever weather might occur and renting a tent can help you do so.

Be Prepared

In order to draw people into your garage sale, you should set up signs throughout the neighborhood. If you live on a quieter street that doesn’t get much traffic, this is a must. In many cities, you can also take out an advertisement in the local paper a few weeks prior to your sale.

Organize all of your garage sale items according the room that they belonged in such as bedroom items, living room items, kitchen items, etc. This will make it easier for people to browse according to their needs and will make it easier for you to point them in the right direction.

A huge tip garage sale tip is to label everything: Labeling big-ticket items such as furniture can help guarantee that you’ll make close to what you’re asking for it. However, garage sales are not retail stores and you’ll need to be flexible on your price. Labeling smaller items will help clear up any confusion and questions which will help the event run smoothly.

Rent a Tent

Whether you’re committing to a big garage sale or you’re doing something as a neighborhood, consider renting a tent for the day of your garage sale from Action Tents. Having a tent gives you several key advantages that are sure to help make your sales successful.

First and foremost, unpredictable summer weather (thunderstorms!) can put a serious damper on a busy garage sale. You should protect your sale, and your items, by keeping them dry beneath a tent. If people are driving by and it’s raining, they will likely keep driving. However, if they can stop, shop, and seek shelter, they’ll likely stop. Plus, a tent will allow you to protect your big-ticket items from water damage such as furniture and electronics.

Heat is also a frequent factor of summer garage sales. Summer afternoons get hot and sticky pretty quick. A tent will provide your shoppers and your sellers a cool, shady place to shop.

Actions Tents also has table rentals available, if you need more space to put your stuff. Visit our website today!