Pole Tent Rentals

Are you finalizing plans for a birthday party, a graduation, or even a wedding reception? Pole tents will prove to be a great option for just about any occasion. Pole tent rentals in Nashville, TN from Action Tents present a sleek and elegant look while also providing people with shade and shelter. Our pole tents range from 20’ x 40’ up to 60’ x 120’ and will work especially well at larger events with lots of guests. They also have very high ceilings that will provide you with plenty of room to add decorative lighting to your event.

Action Tents has been setting people up with pole tent rentals for more than 25 years. During that time, we’ve helped party planners find the right pole tent rentals for:

• Birthday parties
• Graduation ceremonies
• Wedding ceremonies and receptions
• Corporate events
• Community and neighborhood events
• School parties
• And so much more!

When you choose pole tent rentals for your party, you’ll have the option of outfitting them with sidewalls and drapes if you want. They can prevent rain, wind, and more from taking a toll on your event. They can also add privacy to your party or block a bad view during your event if one exists.

Pole tent rentals from Action Tents can do all these things without breaking your budget. They’re fairly priced and made from high-quality materials built to last. This will help you pull off your party planning for the best price possible and ensure everyone has a terrific time during your event.

Feel free to call Action Tents at 931-359-0024 to speak with someone about reserving pole tent rentals in Nashville, TN or any of our other party rental accessories.

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  • Pole Tent 30ft x 30ft

  • Pole Tent 30ft x 45ft

  • Pole Tent 30ft x 50ft

  • Pole Tent 30ft x 60ft

  • Pole Tent 40ft x 100ft

  • 40 x 40 foot pole tent

    Pole Tent 40ft x 40ft

  • Pole Tent 40ft x 60ft

  • Pole Tent 40ft x 80ft

  • Pole Tent 60ft x 120ft

  • Pole Tent 60ft x 60ft

  • Pole Tent 60ft x 90ft