If you’re throwing a birthday party, a cocktail party, or a wedding at night, setting up tent rentals at the site of your event will provide your guests with protection from the elements. But in addition to renting tents, you’ll also need to obtain general lighting in Nashville, TN so that people you can see when they’re sitting under your tent. You might also want to consider setting the right tone for your party with mood lighting or ambiance lighting. Action Tents, a tent rental company with more than 25 years of experience, can provide you with all the lighting you’ll need for your next nighttime event.

Action Tents currently offers a variety of general lighting options as well as mood lighting and ambiance lighting in Nashville, TN that can be customized for your specific soirée. Look at some of the lighting and lighting accessories available through Action Tents below:

• Bubble lights
• Chandeliers
• Can lights
• Pole lamps
• Dimmers
• Emergency exit lights

Renting general lighting in Nashville, TN from Action Tents will make your party safer. It’ll also allow you to shine some light on the different decorative touches that you’ve added to your event space. With the right mood lighting and ambiance lighting, you can prepare people to have the time of their lives. Action Tents can help you choose the right lighting based on the rest of your party plans.

Get in touch with Action Tents at 931-359-0024 to see the general lighting we can provide for you. We can also provide lighting to those planning parties in Central Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama.

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  • 2″ Bubble Lights Stringed

  • Chandelier w/ 4 White Globes

  • Pole Lamps w/ 4 White Globes

  • Par56 Can Lights

  • Emergency Exit Lights