Planning Your Wedding: Indoor or Outdoor?

As far as important days go, a wedding, for the bride, groom and their loved ones, is pretty close to the top of the list. This is why as momentous and enjoyable as a wedding is, they can be awfully stressful to plan. One of the most critical choices to make is location, and whether the risks of choosing an outdoor one might outweigh the rewards.

Anytime an invitation is received for an outdoor wedding, the weather undoubtedly crosses the mind. The most common culprit imagined is a torrential rainstorm, but lesser nuisances like wind and heat are also possible. On the other hand, for many people there is no better setting for a wedding than a perfect day outside. If you decide to take the risk, the best strategy is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Action Tents can equip your wedding so that you’re ready to launch your back-up plan at a stormy cloud’s notice.

There are, however, little pros and cons that are often overshadowed by the big and obvious potential weather consequences. Outdoor weddings can be easier to book, as proper indoor facilities are often locked up years in advance. However, outdoor weddings, depending on what type of climate you’re in, are naturally date-restrictive. So unless you’re the type of folks who enjoy standing outside in sub-zero temperatures, you’ll have a narrower window to plan for.

Indoor weddings allow you to control the temperature to the degree, but can also be limiting when it comes to decorations and activities. The freedom of the outdoors allows you to decorate your wedding however you’d like, without venue restrictions. As beautiful as that cathedral or banquet hall may be, you can’t customize every little detail to your liking, and there is the hard- to- explain natural appeal of an outdoor wedding.

It seems to come down to the fact that if you want an outdoor wedding, you’re beginning a classic high-risk, high-reward endeavor that may freak you out for months, but will surely lead to a moment cherished forever. After all, even if the skies do open above, Action Tents is here to protect you from the elements and help make your day as special as it can be.

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