Planning an Outdoor Wedding: Common Mistakes Every Bride Makes

For many brides, their dream wedding would be in the great outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of nature with a big open space to roam. And yes, there are several things to consider before planning your outdoor wedding that you need to keep in mind, but most importantly is that you should learn from the mistakes of the brides before you.

Here are just a few common blunders brides make when it comes to outdoor weddings!

Not thinking about your dress in the outdoors

Bride and Groom at Outdoor WeddingWhen you’re hunting for the perfect dress, it can be easy to forget about how the fabric will breathe when outdoors. If your wedding will be in the fall with brisk weather, perhaps a thicker material is necessary. If your nuptials are taking place over the summer, then a lightweight fabric is a must.

Don’t forget about your bridal party too!

Forgetting to accommodate for your wedding guests

Even though you may be saying “I do” outdoors, some venues and locations can still feel crowded. That’s why we suggest choosing a big enough space to overcompensate for your number of wedding guests.

You didn’t plan for rain

Of course, you didn’t! Your big day ideally would have blue skies and perfect weather. However, that’s not always the case.

Have a plan B!

If you don’t already plan on having a tent set up at your outdoor venue, then it’s time to rethink your layout. A tent will provide your guests with protection from the elements, whether that be the blistering heat or the pouring rain. Not to mention, it can house your food, audio and light equipment and more!

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