Planning Ahead for Graduation Season

Spring and summer are coming up fast, which also means the warmer weather season and outdoor events. Now is the time to begin planning for future events, such as graduation parties. If you have a high school or college grad you’ll be celebrating this year, which means you need to start preparing and get all the party supplies you’ll need to host a great event. Whether you need tables, chairs or tents – or all of the above – you can find everything you need for your outdoor celebration at Action Tents.


Action Tents has a variety of different sizes of tables, so depending on the size of your event we can help you plan out what you’ll need. From our small four-foot tables that can seat six to eight guests, to our eight-foot tables that seat up to 14 guests, we can find the right-sized tables for your guests. Moreover, we offer free linens for your tables, so you can rest assured that your tables will look clean and presentable.


Of course, to seat guests at tables you’ll need seating! Action Tents also offers a range of chair rentals for your special event. Our brown and white chairs are the perfect solution. Collapsible and easy to set up, you can get all the seating you’ll need to host your party, whether a few dozen or a few hundred. Depending upon the color scheme of your event, you can even choose chairs that match the style and feel of the day.

Frame Tents

Finally, even if you’re a meteorologist, it’s impossible to predict how the weather will be on the day of your event. That’s why you should also reserve a frame tent from Action Tents. Frame tents are wide open underneath, offering ample space to accommodate a large crowd. They’re simple to set up on nearly any surface and can be decorated to fit the theme of your grad party. Plus, with optional side panels, you can protect attendees from wind or driving rain in case of seriously inclement weather. Make sure your guests are properly covered from any conditions with a frame tent from Action Tents.

Action Tents in Nashville, Tennessee offers a wide variety of party supplies for special events, including tables, chairs and frame tents. Start planning your graduation party with us today by calling 931-359-0024!