Planning A Winter Wedding?

Perhaps you are the rare couple that enjoys living in the winter months more than most. To show this appreciation for winter, as a couple you decide to have your wedding in the colder months with a truly magical wedding ceremony as opposed to the traditional summer month wedding.

Planning a winter wedding can be not only fun but unique to a wedding in the more conventional months. Weather is less predictable in the winter months and trying to plan an event as big as a wedding is already stressful as it is without having to worry about Mother Nature.

So what are some ideas to arrange a wedding in the winter and still be able to the beautiful snowy features around you?

Winter Wedding Ideas

If you love winter, embrace all its beautiful aspects and utilize its innate wonders.

  • Snowfall can be an amazing backdrop to any ceremony, when given the chance. If you have a tented ceremony outdoors, the snowflakes dropping behind as you both say your vows can be miraculous and enchanting.
  • Decorate without using the reds and greens. You don’t want your wedding to be confused with the holidays, so use more white and silver with crystal accents to accessorize your wedding.
  • Serve hot chocolate and mulled wine, to warm up your guests. Soups, stews and hearty meals will get your guests in the wintery mood.
  • Marrying in the winter months can also give you a chance to spice it up with different music. You can go more contemporary and classical style of music. This is where a live band can come into play.Planning A Winter Wedding?

Winter weddings can not only be a great experience for the bride and groom but for all who are involved. Show your family and friends that winter isn’t so bad with an amazingly planned wedding.

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