Pet Adoption Showcase

There is not much sadder in this world than when you see the commercials asking you to adopt a pet, or the point-of-view camera walking into a shelter and seeing the caged animals that need homes.

And there isn’t a much more rewarding experience than knowing you gave that animal a happy life and a good existence by adopting it and welcoming it into your home.

As the weather turns, more and more people decide to go outside to parks, fairs and other community events where local shelters and rescue groups gather to appeal to the passersby.

Of course, early in the spring, it might still be a little chilly outside and you don’t want to freeze the animals or the customers. It would be a good idea to have a covering that could be better suited for the two parties to meet under before they go home together.

Getting a tent is a perfect way to solve this issue. A tent can be decorated with a sign alerting people to the nature of the business inside of it.

It can give room for the folks from the shelter to give the animals a chance to roam around, and it gives patrons a chance to stop in and play with all the loving animals that are just looking for a home and someone to also make happy.

Action Tents is dedicated to making your event like a pet adoption showcase, as easy as possible and your family, business or clients as happy as possible.

We are a family company that knows a thing or two about the closeness of family and there’s nothing like adding a loving pet to an already happy home. Contact us at (931) 359-0024 today!