Party Planning: Event Extras

Everyone loves parties of all occasions, but what can separate your party from the rest and cause an emotional attachment. Make your event one for all to remember or co-workers to look at you and say, “thanks for making this the most enjoyable time I’ve had in a while!”

An outdoor venue was acquired; a proper sized tent was procured by Action Tents, now what’s left?

Planning your party, work or personal, and you want to put the finishing touches, so you are looking to include “entertainment extras” for your guests to enjoy. You want to feature your party as the main attraction and the reason for people to come, but the little extras can be great to add to whatever atmosphere you are looking to establish.

Anything supplementary that you bring to the tent needs to not only fit underneath, for obvious reasons like if the weather turns, but also because you don’t want people to have to feel like they are going away from the fun. Keep the party under one roof.

So what are your additional party options?

  • Music – Music always gets the party going, either from a DJ or a band. Make sure your music is tailored to your party and doesn’t get away from the theme.
  • Food – If people are partying hard, they are going to need more energy! Food will be the sustenance they need to keep partying the entire time.
  • Bar – If you can afford a luxury like this, your adult guests will enjoy their time all the more.
  • Giveaways – Raffles, gift baskets and the like can create money back and more fun for the guests who stick around.
  • Dance Floor – Not every party needs this, but it’s a nice little add-on that most everyone can have fun with.Party Planning: Event Extras

Those are just a few party extras to make your party a solid one. You say “party” to a potential guest and they will come, but make it special and they will remember why they want to go to your next one.




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