Not All Tent Events Have To Be Setup Outdoors

You might think tents are just for outdoor events, but did you know you can use them to spruce up an indoor event as well?

Yes, tents can be used to help create a different style inside a building. Whether you’re looking to add something extra to an indoor event or just add a different element to something like a wedding, using a tent indoor can truly help you transform a boring indoor happening, to a fun and exciting one.

Sometimes big open indoor spaces can be boring and generic so that they can hold many different types of events and not just cater to one or another. Adding a tent and draping it in something specific can help make the event feel more personal and alive.

For a trade fair you can set up a tent personalized with your logo on it, and underneath it something to make your product seem more desirable. Whether it is to show off the product or to allow patrons to give it a test run themselves having a tent allows you to have a more personalized experience with the customer as they are not as distracted by what is going on outside the tent.

For a wedding, you can dress the tent up in a way to bring out the colors of the night. Whether it is white to match the dress or another color to match a certain theme it can be fully customized to the specific standards of who is getting married.

You can also put it over the table of the bride and groom as sort of a reminder of whose big night it is or you can use one for every table as part of a theme to let the guests know where they will be sitting.

A 15ft x 15ft frame tent will do the trick just fine and at Action Tents they have the perfect tents to provide for your indoor needs. When it comes to something as important as a wedding or a show you want to trust that you’re getting the best tent possible and at Action Tents you never have to worry about that. Contact us today for more information.