Nashville, TN Tent Rentals

If you need a tent for your next special event, Action Tents is the answer! We make it exciting to hold any kind of occasion: parties, weddings, or any other outdoor event you need rentals for.

Nashville is the perfect place to hold these events, and with our large collection of items available for rent at incredible prices, there is no need to worry about going over budget. If you need wedding rentals or tent rentals, Action Tents is the best.

Often it can get expensive to hold a large outdoor event like a wedding or party. You need pole tents, frame tents, chairs, tables, linens and dance floors, and the costs just go up. However, for those in the Tennessee area, especially Nashville, it can be affordable!

We help make the event a success first, and then we make sure you don’t worry about the costs. By renting, you save money from the outset. By renting from a local company with 26 years experience and counting in creating successful weddings, parties, and other events, we know how to save you money from the outset.
Our rental prices are clearly explained here online. When you’re choosing to rent, you save money. When you work with a professional company like Action Tents, you go with experience. You focus on the fun, we make sure the event goes smoothly and stays within budget.

If you have an outdoor wedding, you’ve made a great choice! This area is perfect for any event, especially weddings. Yet with the costs of traveling and reserving a spot for the wedding, the price can be high. We clearly state our prices for event rentals for weddings certainly need lots of chairs, and our chair rentals start at only $1.10 per chair! You also need tables for your wedding, and you pay for tables from Action Tents starting at $7.00.

Whatever the event, it’s important to focus on having fun with friends, family, or co-workers. Whether it’s a corporate event or a family event, our simple promise is to save you money, time, and headaches.