Give The Mall Shopping Experience To Outdoor Consumers

What better way to get ready for shorts and bathing suit season than shedding all of your heavy winter clothes, going out and buying some fresh new summer outfits.

Shopping online can save time but you can’t know exactly what size you are, and who wants to return an online purchase? Shopping at the local mall can be fun, but it tends to be crowded and cramped at peak times.

How can you get the feel of the mall in an environment that makes you want to shop?

By taking the mall shopping experience outside, of course, we are talking all the way outdoors, in fact, no doors at all.

As a clothing retailer, bring your products outside, selling your most desired summer gear in the open.

Worried about wind and rain that could risk ruining clothes and merchandise? Rent a tent!

With a tent, you can put your store sign or logo up top, advertise any specials, and put the clothes racks underneath. Shoppers can come by, peruse, explore and purchase clothes without ever feeling like they are being rushed.

You can even get a smaller enclosed tent in the back for trying on clothing in a fitting room type tent with a mirror and a hook for hanging up clothing.

Action Tents is open to all types of ideas and parties, not one is too challenging as long as there is a tent overhead.

From weddings to fairs, to birthday parties and even malls – wherever there’s a need and a want to be outside Action Tents has you covered! Contact us at (931) 359-0024 and rent your tent and accessories today!