Make Your Wedding Unique With Action Tents

When you’re planning a wedding, there are about a million things you need to make decisions about. Where will the ceremony take place? How long will your cocktail hour be and what drinks will be included? What kind of décor do you want to have? But when it comes to deciding on the tent for your outdoor wedding, there’s no question: Action Tent has what you need.

Tent for Outdoor WeddingsIf you’re having an outdoor ceremony and reception – or one or the other – it’s important to remember that as much as you may try, you can’t predict or control the weather. With that in mind, having a good tent that can cover you and your guests if it’s drizzling on the day of your wedding or if the sun is oppressive can save your ceremony from the elements.

The Knot says that even if it doesn’t rain, having a tented area for cocktails with a few comfortable chairs for your guests to take a break from mingling and meeting your family members will be a big hit at your wedding, too. Including a tent in your outdoor wedding plans gives the event a specific space where people can congregate, as opposed to an open-air ceremony where guests may meander about the grounds of your venue. If you have friends and family who might be distracted by a large lawn and a soccer ball or might venture off to view the architecture of the nearby buildings, tents will encourage all your guests to stay where the action is happening.

Giving your wedding a defined space and flow will make your guests more comfortable, and lead to an exceptionally fun dance party later that night. We can help with that, too, with our dance floor rentals that are perfect for use at an outdoor venue.

We offer a few different kinds of tents so you can choose the style that works best for you. Our white pole tents are a classic look, and can be great for all types of themes. The high lofted ceiling offers plenty of space for decoration and lighting, as well, making them wonderful for weddings. Our frame tents are another great choice and also feature the option to easily add sides. This can help you easily define one end of the tent as the designated front area to direct guests toward the lead table or altar. Sides can also offer extra protection from the elements, especially in heavy winds or wind-driven rain.

For more information about renting a tent for your wedding in Southern Tennessee, call Action Tents today at 931-359-0024.