Keep Your Guests Comfortable at Your Summer Outdoor Wedding

You’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding, so you decide to take the risk against the unpredictable elements and start to plan your big summer ceremony. In order to combat the fear of a torrential down pour, or worse – a torrential downpour of sweat as you walk down the aisle, there are a few proactive steps you can take to make sure you and your guests stay cool and comfortable during your dream wedding in the great outdoors!

Prepare for those pesky wedding crashers

Summer Outdoor Wedding in Nashville TNBy wedding crashers, we mean insects. Any summer event is prone to irritating insects that want to take part in the festivities, but these unwanted guests can put a damper on your big day. Take some proactive measures and plan to have bug repellent available for your guests to use before the ceremony. Also, lighting some Citronella candles at night will act as both another defense against unwelcome insects and mood lighting!

Protect your guests from the sun

Don’t let your guests bake under the sun’s heat as they watch you say, “I do.” Either hold the ceremony and reception in a location that is abundant with natural shade or plan to create some shade for yourself. A tent rental could keep your guests from melting and still offer a beautiful look to your outdoor wedding.

Offer sunscreen to all your guests who did not prepare for the sunny day. This will prevent them from burning and blaming you for their unfortunate tan lines. Also, sunglasses wouldn’t make a bad wedding favor either!

Keep them cool with drinks and treats

Nothing cools you down more on a hot day than an ice-cold beverage or chilled treat, so it would make sense to serve these items on your wedding day to keep your guests cool and indulge yourself! Keep the bar stocked with cold drinks and consider having a snow cone or ice cream bar to enjoy between songs.

Action Tents has everything you need to stay comfortable and stress-free on your wedding day with a large collection of items available for rent at incredible prices. Give us a call at 931-359-0024 to request a quote. Your perfect outdoor wedding awaits!