How To Select the Right Venue for Your Event

Choosing the right venue for your event is half the battle people experience when party planning. Most venues offer a variety of services and options, but are they right for your party?

Below are a few simple tips for choosing the party venue.

Make lists

Listing ideas and must haves can drastically narrow down your venue options. Number of guests, type of party (baby shower, birthday party), catering, alcohol, space for entertainment and handicap accessibility are all party details to make lists for.

Visit local venues and gather as much information as possible

Ask relevant questions about spacing, their requirements, deposits, what you can bring for food and drinks, do they supply food, are bathroom facilities available and parking rules. Bring home brochures and menus for reference. Have a trustworthy friend or family member tag along for second set of eyes and ears.

Compile a short list

Choose three venues that appeal to your needs the most. Don’t forget to consider set up and cleaning. For example, who will provide these services, the venue or party host? If the venue has packages available, read thoroughly to see what the included services are and what’s charged extra. Be sure to ask if the venue is open the day before for setting up and dropping off supplies.

If your venue is outdoors, ask the venue manager if indoor accommodations are available in the event of rain, or of course, you can always rent a tent.

Party planning is not too difficult as long as you’re prepared. The more work preparation you put in ahead of time, the more you’re guaranteed of the day/evening going smoothly.