How to Properly Throw a House Show

One of the best things about summer is getting outside and listening to live music. What better way to get a party going than throwing a house show right in your backyard? There is a process that comes with planning a house show, and it’s important to organize, plan, and prepare well for a show. Your guests have to be entertained in several ways.

two girls playing instruments

Here are some tips to help you prepare and plan for a summer house show in your very own backyard:

Determining the Music

Consider having a few musicians to play instead of just one because the guests will have an opportunity to witness different musicians play shorter sets. This will keep your guests interested in the music being played. Try and keep the same music theme throughout, so that your guests will be able to enjoy a certain genre. If you mix it up too much, there may be guests who aren’t into that certain type of music.

Consider Neighbors

With an outdoor house show, you’ll have to be respectful of your neighbors, so make sure you pick a good time for music to be played. Late afternoon to early evening for only a few hours is the best way to do it. Make sure to notify the neighbors about the gathering, so they’re aware of the noise.

Supplies and Equipment

With a house show in your backyard, you’ll want to plan out what you’re going to need for the musicians and guests. Action Tents provides party tents and other party products that will be useful for your backyard house show.

Consider these:

  • Frame Tent
  • Dance floor
  • Lights for the tent
  • Chairs
  • Stage & access

Action Tents has the right products for your music show in your backyard. A frame tent rental is the appropriate size for a house show. We offer stage access rental for the musicians to stand on. This is nice to have at the party because it will have more of a concert vibe.  We also have tables for renting in case this is a larger party and you’re having a barbecue with more guests.

Contact Action Tents at 931-359-0024 for more information on all party supplies we can provide you with to make your summer a great one!