How to Plan a Successful Fall Festival

Are you in the midst of planning a fall festival to celebrate the season of harvest?

We can help!

We put together a few things to keep in mind to ensure your event is the best it can be.

First things first—set your budget!

Before you start making any moves, sit down and decide from the get-go what your budget for the event is. Determine how much you want to spend on food, event rentals, and how much you can spend on a venue.

Setting your budget early will also help you figure out how small or large the event can be.

Plan beloved fall activitiesFall Festival Activities and Rentals

When considering your run-of-show, decide which activities you want to offer during the festival.

Carnival games and crafts like pumpkin painting are always crowd favorites. Plus, you can supplement them with things like face painting and balloon animals. Sounds like a party!

Rent from a trusted source

Keep things simple and consider renting all of your fall festival essentials from one trusted vendor. Find a rental company that can provide tents, tables, chairs and everything else you need for a successful festival. This way you can depend on all of your rentals getting to your venue at the same time with everything accounted for.

The fall season can hold unpredictable weather, so if you’re budget is tight, splurge on a tent. It will provide shelter in the event of rain, and if it’s a hotter day it protects guests from the sun and prevents food from souring.

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