How to Make the Perfect Wedding Seating Chart (Without the Stress)

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning is creating the wedding seating chart for the reception. From deciding where to place guests and what type of tables to use, to figuring out who should sit with whom, seating charts have a way of causing some unnecessary pre-wedding stress.

However, if you follow the tips below you can create the perfect wedding seating chart and enjoy your big day stress-free!

Finalize your guest list

The first step to creating the perfect wedding seating chart is to finalize the list of guests attending the wedding.

Once you have your list, break everyone into categories like family, best friends, coworkers, parent’s friends, and so on. Starting with a list broken into categories will help you stay organized and remember who knows whom when seating people together.

Choose your layout

Wedding Seating ChartBefore you start assigning each guest to a seat, decide the layout of your tables including the size and shape of each. The basic wedding table shapes include round, rectangle, oval, and square.

Select the best types of tables to suit your event based on the types of activities you plan to host, such as dancing or a buffet.

With your tables situated, it is time to start assigning seats.

Place your wedding party and parents

Design your head table first; will you include the entire wedding party at the head table, or do you desire a sweetheart table for just you and your groom?

Sit your parents and your spouse’s parents together at one table along with both sets of grandparents. This gives the heads of the new families a chance to celebrate your union together at a nearby table.

Develop a system for seating everyone else

For seating the remaining guests, group wedding guests together based on who they know or their common interests. Seat separate families at individual tables and place friends together that you believe would get along. The goal is to ensure your guests’ comfort and avoid placing two people together whose personalities may clash.

Leave room for changes

While following these tips will help you create the perfect seating chart, you should try to have a backup plan or leave some room for changes as needed.

Consider scenarios that would cause you to change your chart around and keep this list handy in the event of a needed seat switch.

Now that you can create the perfect wedding seating chart, you need the tables and chair rentals to make your vision a reality!

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