How to Make Out-of-Town Wedding Guests Feel Comfortable

If you’re getting married, there’s a high likelihood that some of your guests will be visiting from out of town. For the guests who are hopping on planes or crossing state lines, it’s nice to take a few steps to ensure their travels are stress-free and they receive a warm welcome.

Here are a few ways to keep your out-of-town guests comfortable while they visit for your big day!

Provide them with an itinerary to stay organized

Dealing with Out-of-Town GuestsFor all your guests, not just the out-of-towners, it’s helpful to provide them with a full itinerary of the event. Today, many weddings include events that take place the night before or the day after. Are you planning a welcome dinner or a post-wedding brunch? Is there an after-party following the reception? Providing everyone with these necessary details via the invitation or on your wedding website is helpful for guests to plan transportation and hotel accommodations more easily!

Be your guests’ personal travel agent

For many out of town guests, they will probably treat your wedding like a weekend getaway of sorts. It may be nice for you to put together a short list of sights to see or points of interest such as museums, parks, hiking trails, shows, etc. for people to explore. Putting together a travel guide of sorts helps people to fill the weekend and feel more accomplished on their trip.

What better way to welcome your guests than with a welcome bag?

Comfort your guests with a welcome bag that you leave in their hotel room or with the concierge to hand guests upon their arrival. Writing a short-handwritten note thanking them for coming goes a long way for someone who has traveled a long way to see you! Then, you can pack the bag with information regarding the weekend, the short travel guide you put together, snacks, etc.

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