How to fill the dance floor

Everyone loves a reception or special event. From weddings, where guests enjoy seeing two people celebrate their love for each other, to graduation parties where friends gather to say goodbye to one chapter and hello to the next; coming together for the purpose of rejoicing is one of the many things that family and friends love to do. It only makes sense to want to incorporate movement into the day.

Dance floors and areas designated for dancing have been a staple at most social functions for centuries for that very reason. Filling the floor is sometimes a bit tricky, however. There are factors that must be considered to get people moving and grooving at special events. And it can sometimes seem a bit formulaic to those hosting the event. Here are some tips about how to fill the dance floor and have people expressing their joy through dancing to the very end of the event.

  1. There are elements to a social gathering, such as a wedding reception or party that the host cannot predict or prevent. Inclement wedding at an outdoor reception will surely change the outcome of the dance floor scene if guests are not provided shelter or tenting. Most guests understand that a lot of effort has gone into preparing a special occasion and are usually willing to participate in dancing and socializing even if the weather is bad outside.
  2. Two more factors to consider when trying to fill that floor is music and alcohol. If one wants to really see adults enjoying themselves on the dance floor, pay close attention to the entertainment and libations. When DJs, live bands and entertainers are skilled and social they can get most people moving and grooving all night long. DJs should play favorite hits and act engaged while still being professional while pumping the crowd up. Also, a lighthearted bartender can help fuel the fire needed to show your moves in public!
  3. Having cool lights on the dance floor can also help make it an active environment. People will have a much stronger propensity to dance if it is somewhat dark (with cool spotlights), so they can feel at ease and not worry that people are watching their less than stellar dance moves.

When it has been thoroughly planned and executed, a social event or party can be such a fun time to catch up with family or friends, relax, dine and dance. Everyone can have a great time at a party, from the young to the very old. As long as the dance floor is filled, guests will know this party has staying power!

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